How to Become a School Bus Driver

If you have an interest in working with children and youth, driving a school bus may be a great job for you!  Approximately 20,000 school buses travel two million kilometers in Ontario every school day.  Professional school bus drivers provide 300 million safe rides each school year.  You could play an important role in student safety and transportation. Click here to learn more about becoming a school bus driver in Ontario.

Commendations? Complaints?

If you have a commendation or complaint regarding a school bus or a school bus driver, please contact the school board and/or bus company directly in your area. Please be prepared to provide the date/time of the occurrence and the name of the school bus company as it appears on the side of the bus.


The Ontario School Bus Association (OSBA) is a non-profit association providing advocacy, education and legislative consultation services to the owners of school bus fleets, school boards/transportation consortia and supplier/manufacturer companies across Ontario for over 60 years.  We encourage related organizations to become members of OSBA, committed to professionally and reliably serving the needs of student transportation in Ontario.  For any specific matters related to school bus routes, bus stops, etc., please contact your local school board or bus company as these types of service issues lie outside the role and mandate of OSBA.  Become a member company!

2015 OSBA Driver Excellence Award Winner!

OSBA is very pleased to announce that Mr. Rudy Pade of Century Transportation is the winner of the 2015 OSBA Driver Excellence Recognition Award.  A number of extraordinary nominations were received from OSBA members, making it a very difficult task to choose only one winner. 

Rudy Pade is an exceptional school bus driver who consistently demonstrates an outstanding commitment to both customer service and student safety.  Being a driver is not just a job for Rudy as he readily and fully embraces the responsibility that goes along with ensuring that children are transported to and from school safely each day.  Rudy also demonstrates initiative and leadership on a regular basis, particularly during his role when training students how to safely evacuate a bus.  Parents have commented on his level of dedication to protecting their children while charter customers have praised his professionalism and courtesy.

No stranger to heroism, while ice fishing on Scugog Lake, Rudy helped save the life of a snowmobiler who had crashed through the ice into open water. The man could not reach the ladder that Rudy and a friend had extended to him and started to go into shock. Rudy calmed the man down by telling him, "you don't know me and I don't know you but I am all you have to survive now. You need to trust me and swim to the ladder."  Rudy managed to convince the man to swim towards the ladder so that he could pull him out to safety.  Safety, integrity and compassion are simply part of Rudy's fabric as a human being. 

Rudy enjoys a busy life outside of work and also manages to find time to volunteer his services to many causes. He is very active at his church, has volunteered his driving services for Community Care, shovels snow and cuts grass for neighbours, has coached little league baseball for many years, and at one time was also a ski instructor.  Clearly, Rudy Pade demonstrates the core values of Century Transportation both as a driver and as a private citizen, and is a true asset to the company.

2015 OSBA Accomplishments for Members


OSBA representatives met with Ministry of Education officials to discuss concerns regarding the potential impact of possible teacher strike activities.  OSBA expressed the importance of operators receiving sufficient funding to retain drivers and staff.  From OSBA’s perspective, it was a very useful meeting to understand and clarify the Ministry’s role in recognizing eligible expenditures by school boards when reporting these expenditures once strike activities were concluded.


A conference call between OSBA and the Ontario Association of School Business Officials (OASBO) Transportation Officer’s Executive Committees took place to discuss strike related issues with respect to drivers and driver retention.  There was good discussion regarding these matters and the fact that strikes cause pressure on service providers who must continue to pay drivers and mechanics so they are ready to return to work on short notice.  As it turned out, service providers in Durham, Peel and Sudbury had 12 hours’ notice to start up once the return to work mandate was issued.  OASBO Transportation Committee Executive members agreed to discuss these and other matters with their colleagues.


The Auditor General’s Office advised OSBA of an audit they are conducting regarding student transportation in Ontario with a focus on efficiency and safety.  OSBA representatives met with Auditor General staff and a variety of information and examples were provided, with special emphasis on the importance of an increase in drivers wages through the Grant for Student Needs (GSN).  OSBA emphasized the issue of driver wages and driver retention as the industry’s biggest challenge and how these issues are the foundation of student safety.  The Auditor General recognized the importance of these matters especially with respect to having the same driver behind the wheel of the same bus on the same route throughout the school year who knows the students and their needs.  There was particular interest in the significant gap in wages between school bus drivers and transit drivers especially considering the additional regulatory requirements of a school bus driver.   OSBA also noted the Premier’s earlier commitment to review the transportation grant benchmarks for 2015-2016.


OSBA on City TV:

Toronto 2013 - Take a moment to view this link of OSBA’s President Les Cross of Stock Transportation communicating an important thank you message to all school bus drivers in the province and across Canada.


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