How to Become a School Bus Driver

If you have an interest in working with children and youth, driving a school bus may be a great job for you!  Approximately 20,000 school buses travel two million kilometers in Ontario every school day.  Professional school bus drivers provide 300 million safe rides each school year.  You could play an important role in student safety and transportation. Click here to learn more about becoming a school bus driver in Ontario.


If you have a complaint regarding a school bus, school bus route or a school bus driver, please contact the school board/transportation consortia and/or bus company directly in your area. Be prepared to provide the date/time of the occurrence and the name of the school bus company as it appears on the side of the bus. OSBA is always concerned about safety in the school bus industry, however, for specific day-to-day school bus operational issues, you must contact the local school board/transportation consortia or bus company directly as these types of service issues lie outside the association role and mandate of OSBA.


The Ontario School Bus Association (OSBA) is a non-profit association providing advocacy, education and legislative consultation services to the owners of school bus fleets, school boards/transportation consortia and supplier/manufacturer companies across Ontario for over 60 years.  We encourage related organizations to become members of OSBA, committed to professionally and reliably serving the needs of student transportation in Ontario.  For any specific matters related to school bus routes, bus stops, etc., please contact your local school board/transportation consortia or bus company as these types of service issues lie outside the role and mandate of OSBA.  Become a member company!

Student Transportation Competitive Procurement Review Report

On January 28, 2016 Education Minister Liz Sandals released the Student Transportation Competitive Procurement Review Report prepared by retired Justice Colin Campbell.  Click here for full report.

The Minister’s letter provides response to the Report and identifies next steps over the coming weeks and months.  Click here for letter

OSBA thanks the Minister, Justice Campbell, the sector and industry representatives which contributed to the discussions over the past year.

We look forward to working with all parties in moving forward on the Report’s recommendations.

OSBA will continue  to provide detailed information as it becomes available.

Year in Review - OSBA's Top 20

2015 Accomplishments for OSBA Members

Click here to see OSBA's List of Top 20 - 2015 Accomplishments for Members

OASBO Letter to Ontario Transportation Minister Del Duca - Railway Crossings and the School Bus Stopping Law

Excerpt from letter:

“As a key stakeholder responsible for the daily transportation of over 800,000 students in Ontario, we view this as a significant student safety issue and we are therefore asking that the MTO conduct a review of the current ‘stopping law’ to determine if we are placing our school buses at greater risk by having them stop at all ‘protected’ railway crossings.” 

Click here to read full letter.


OSBA on City TV:

TORONTO - Take a moment to view this link of OSBA’s President Les Cross of Stock Transportation communicating an important thank you message to all school bus drivers in the province and across Canada.


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