How to Become a School Bus Driver

If you have an interest in working with children and youth, driving a school bus may be the right job for you.  Approximately 18,000 school buses travel two million kilometers in Ontario every school day.  These trained professionals provide 300 million safe rides during the school year.  You could play an important role in student transportation.  Positions are ideal for retirees, parents and the self-employed. 

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The Ontario School Bus Association (OSBA) is a non-profit association providing advocacy and education services for the owners of school bus fleets across Ontario for over 60 years.  We welcome you to become a part of this provincial association, safely and reliably serving the needs of student transportation in Ontario.  Join us!


With the recent activity and change in contractors in the Ottawa area and the Ontario provincial election, the OSBA Board of Directors has been working diligently with StrategyCorp Inc. to move a compelling OSBA message and agenda forward with a formidable communications plan.  OSBA will keep members informed via the regular President's Portal and will update this website as further news unfolds.

How OSBA is Taking Action:

  1. Prior to the election, OSBA met several times with the Ministries of Education and Government Services.  OSBA provided the “OSBA Competitive Procurement Discussion Paper – Solutions and Suggestions” which met with much interest and confirmation of future meetings.
  2. OSBA is continuing to monitor the Ministry of Government Services (MGS) review of the competitive procurement process.  Although currently on hold due to the provincial election, OSBA has remained in contact with MGS and continues to advocate for a swift conclusion of their work. 
  3. OSBA is monitoring party leader statements that provide insight into their positions and platforms and as necessary, OSBA will provide a response either directly or via the media.  Members will be notified and the information available on this website.
  4. OSBA has met with candidates and officials from both the PC Party and the Ontario Liberal Party to discuss the issues facing our industry, and the solutions that we have been advocating for.  We reiterated our 3 key positions:
    • The “pass through” of school transportation funding MUST reach operators and drivers;
    • The Ministry of Education funding benchmarks, which are now 7 years old, must be updated;
    • The MGS review must be expedited and provide consortia and the industry with universal competitive procurement documents, clear guidelines for open and transparent decision making and scoring, and a Fairness Commissioner.
  5. OSBA's meeting with the Liberal campaign was a positive one. As a result of Perry and Les’s advocacy, the Liberals have agreed to continue the current review process of competitive procurement to ensure that it is open, transparent and accountable.  OSBA will continue to play a constructive role in providing feedback to this process.  As well, they have committed to updating the 2007 benchmarks for school transportation.  We have received a formal ‎letter stating that intention, if they are re-elected - see the following link: Letter from Liberal Party.  This update will make a significant impact on our industry, for the better.
  6. OSBA will post newsworthy editorials, articles and other information on the OSBA website that will help to inform members and assist OSBA with moving our mandate forward.
  7. FACT SHEET - OSBA has produced a “Fact Sheet” that lays out OSBA’s positions, what the issues are and how OSBA solutions will help with respect to competitive procurement and funding;  what has led to the current situation; and what OSBA recommends be done to rectify the situation.  View this document at the following link: Fact sheet
  8. Q & A - OSBA has developed a short “Q & A” document to highlight key questions and information that may be queried regarding OSBA’s stance on competitive procurement.
  9. REPORTER AND DESK-SIDE MEETINGS – OSBA is conducting interviews and meetings with a narrowly identified pool of reporters that cover the education sector in key markets.
  10. MEDIA RELATIONS – OSBA is proactively engaging media when an issue breaks in order to help frame the news reports with OSBA’s message.  In communities where issues have already been discussed in the media, OSBA is proactively providing comment and response.

If you have any questions or comments, we urge you to contact us.  Your comments and feedback are always welcome.

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OSBA on City TV:

Take a moment to view the following link of OSBA’s Vice President Les Cross of Stock Transportation communicating a very important thank you message to all school bus drivers in the province and across Canada on City TV.




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