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The OSBA Awards Program recognizes individuals, companies and organizations that have made significant contributions towards the student transportation industry in the following categories. 

Driver Excellence Award — recognition of a school bus driver demonstrating exemplary performance and a commitment to excellence, particularly in the areas of driving, customer service and safety. 

President's Award — recognition of any individual, employed by a school bus company member, who demonstrates excellence in service and safety managing efficient business operations.

Industry Achievement Award — recognition of any individual, in any category of membership, who has made a special contribution to the student transportation industry.

Honourary Membership — recognition of an individual who is no longer associated with the industry and has rendered valuable service to the OSBA.

2019 OSBA Driver Excellence Award Winner

OSBA is very pleased and proud to announce the winner of the 2019 OSBA Driver Excellence Recognition Award – Ms. Gail Brun of First Student. There were a number of extraordinary nominations received this year making it very difficult to select a winner. OSBA extends sincere appreciation to all those who submitted nominations.

Gail Brun is one of the most patient, humble and likeable people in the company. Gail started her professional school bus driving career 40 years ago and has maintained the highest level of professionalism throughout this duration. She is always friendly and courteous and has the ability to manage her students with respect and fairness. She always has a smile for everyone and is well liked by colleagues, students, school staff, customers and managers alike.

Gail takes the utmost pride in who she is and the important role she plays in the lives of her school bus passengers. She is very reliable, loyal and always keeps her bus clean and organized. Gail is never late for her scheduled duties and customers are always impressed with her friendly, caring attitude. She has received many commendations over the years for her exemplary level of customer service and consistently goes above and beyond to deliver the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

Gail has been a loyal employee with an exemplary attendance record. She has driven accident free for her entire 40-year career which is certainly an amazing achievement in itself. Gail is a wonderful mentor to other school bus drivers and a model employee with very high personal standards. School bus operators can train people to be safe drivers, but it is always an individual’s choice to maintain those good driving habits at all times. Gail drives every trip like she is taking her road test and is a true testament to professional school bus drivers across the province and the country.

OSBA would like to thank the Awards Selection Committee for their time and effort in making this wonderful, albeit difficult selection. Please note that changes are in store for the 2020 Program including a $500 award to the Nominator of the selected winner (in addition to the $1000 award to the winning driver), so start planning now for next year! Nomination forms will be available in June 2020.

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