Committee Members: Chris Harwood, Mark Begg

  • Changes to OSBA Bylaws


Committee Members: Kirk Flach, Mark Begg, Les Cross, Perry Ferguson

  • Engage the OSBA membership.
  • Market the Ontario school bus industry.


Competitive Procurement
Committee Members: Perry Ferguson, Les Cross, Dave Harris and Jim Switzer

  • Shape the procurement process to lessen its negative impact on the industry.
  • Promote innovative regional solutions to support the continued role of smaller operators under the new process.


Driver and Vehicle Safety
Committee Members: Dave DeNure, Raymond Goulden, Kyle Murphy, Ray Trott and Dave Carroll

  • Continue to propose, monitor, and respond to regulatory and legislative changes.
  • Increase focus on cross-province driver standards.


Membership Recruitment and Retention
Committee Members: Chris Harwood, Mark Begg and Nick McRae

  • Increase membership participation and services
  • Shape membership retention and recruitment goals and strategies


Non-Dues Programs and Revenue
Committee Members: Kirk Flach, Mark Begg, Dave Harris and Nick McRae

  • "Win-win-win" partnerships with various organizations to provide products and services to help members with their day-to-day operations.

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