OSBA conducts 4-5 webinars per year to assist in educating and informing members on timely and pertinent industry issues and initiatives.  These webinars provide excellent learning opportunities to not only bus company owners and school board/transportation consortia, but to any staff member from the comfort and convenience of their offices or homes.  These educational opportunities are offered on a complimentary basis to all OSBA members.  To view copies of previous webinar PowerPoint presentations, please login to the members area.

2017 Webinar Dates:

  • January 25, 2017
  • March 8, 2017
  • May 17, 2017
  • October 25, 2017

Previous webinar topics:

  1. ABS Trouble Light – Go or No-Go?
  2. Advertising & Non-Prescribed Signs/Decals on School Buses
  3. Alcoholic Beverages on Charter Trips
  4. Amendments to Daily Inspection Schedules- HTA Reg. 199/07 Effective Jan.1, 2015
  5. Auditor General's Concerns over School Bus Safety
  6. Background Checks
  7. Blocking Intersections While Loading / Unloading Students
  8. Busting the Myth about using the Warning Lamps as a
    “Rear Guard” Measure
  9. Clarification of "yield entire roadway to pedestrian" rule
  10. Clarifying MTO Medicals
  11. Code W Branding on Driver Licences
  12. Covering or Crossing Out the “School Bus” Signs 
  13. CVOR Points and CVOR Abstracts
  14. Daily Inspection Reports
  15. Daily Vehicle Inspection Refresher – Beyond the Form
  16. Driver Certification Program (DCP) – Information and Updates
  17. Driver Footwear
  18. Driver Hours of Service - Record Keeping Requirements for "local drivers"
  19. Driver Hours of Service Regulations “Tune up”
  20. Driver Medicals – Tips for Avoiding Delays and Licence Downgrades
  21. Ear buds and Headphones
  22. “Eight Lamp” vs. “All Red” Warning System
  23. Encountering Emergency Vehicles During School Bus Stops
  24. Faded Warning Lamps – When Red is no Longer Red
  25. Failed Diodes on LED lamps
  26. Fire Extinguishers
  27. First Aid Kits
  28. How Do I Know which Version of the CSA D250 Standard Applies to My School Bus?
  29. How is the passenger capacity of a school bus determined?
  30. How the D250 Standard impacts employees at a bus company
  31. Internal Brake Component Inspection - PMVI Annual and Semi-Annual Safety Inspections
  32. Lap Belts in School Buses – Operational Implications
  33. Minimum Interior Temperature for School Bus
  34. MTO Top 5 – Top 5 defects identified during 2015 school bus inspections
  35. Non-Signalized Intersections & the School Bus Stopping Law
  36. Ontario’s Schedule 7 – July 1, 2016 update
  37. OSBA’s Online Criminal Background Check Service
  38. Out-of-Province School Bus Licences – Alberta Update
  39. Out-of-Service Criteria Change – Effective April 1, 2017  
  40. PMVI (6 and 12-month safety inspections) Update
  41. PMVI Compliance Products
  42. Prevent Getting Trapped at Gated Railway Crossings
  43. Protecting Against Right Side “Blow-by’s”
  44. Gated Railway Crossing Procedures
  45. Railway Crossings and the Law
  46. Railway Crossings - Criteria to Consider when Developing Routes
  47. Restrictions on passengers riging in the front seat of mini-vans
  48. Retention Period for Inspection and HOS records
  49. RFP’s – Approaches and elements regarding the preparation of proposal submissions to specific RFP’s, but also writing proposals to respond to Ontario student transportation RFPs in general.
  50. RFP's - Responding to HSTS RFP, also reviewing common elements in HSTS RFP
  51. Road Safety Rules in Effect September 1, 2015
  52. Safety Reflector (Triangles) and the Law
  53. Special Needs Wheelchair Buses (Yellow) Versus Non-Yellow Wheelchair Buses – Operational and Legal Implications
  54. Safety Inside the School Bus (overcrowding and insecure objects)
  55. Safety Reflector Triangles – Why? When? Where?
  56. School Bus Licence Plates – “S” Plates vs. “B” Plates  
  57. School Bus Markings, Lettering, Added Colour, Logos, etc.
  58. School Bus Safety Resources Available through
  59. School Bus Speeding
  60. School Bus Stop Arm - The Sign with No Legal Status
  61. Seat Belt Cutters
  62. Seat Belt Release Covers
  63. Seat Belts - Fitting School Buses (Voluntarily) with Seat Belts – Operational and Legal Implications
  64. Signage - New “DO NOT STOP on TRACKS” Signs
  65. Smoke Free Ontario Act – School Bus Signage
  66. Steps on Back of School Buses
  67. Stickers on School Bus Bumpers – Are they permitted?
  68. Strobe Lights - General Information
  69. Strobe Lights - Pros and Cons of Using
  70. Stop Arm Defect or Red Warning Lamp Defect
  71. Stopping at Abandoned / Decommissioned Railway Tracks
  72. Summer Charter Tune Up for Safe & Legal Charters
  73. The Ill-advised Practice of Lane Blocking to Deter Blow Bys
  74. Transporting Oxygen and Propane Tanks
  75. Understanding out-of-province school bus licences
  76. Update on Distracted Driving Exemption for Handheld Two-Way Radios 
  77. When can a School Bus be driven without a Class B or E Licence?
  78. When to Use / Not Use Warning Lights & STOP Arm
  79. Vandal Locks 

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